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Skulls, Cherubs, and Willows, Oh My! – Interpreting 17th, 18th, & 19th Century Gravestones

Halloween is the perfect time to visit a graveyard, and the older the better. We admire old gravestones for their artistic qualities and respect them as reminders of our own mortality. But did you know that gravestone fashions evolved over … Continue reading

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More Than Just A Witch City: A Look at Life in Salem, MA

The Narbonne House is a true treasure of Salem Maritime National Historic Site, but it is often overlooked by visitors. More modest than the Derby House, the Narbonne House, located on Essex Street in Salem, MA, was built in 1675.  Multiple … Continue reading

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Ask a Curator: Victorian Brass Weight

This week’s Ask a Curator object doesn’t have a definitive answer, but it’s a great example of the process behind cataloging an object. When we came across this artifact, we had a little help. It had already been conserved and … Continue reading

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Cataloging 101: A quick way to identify earthenware ceramics

Can you spot the creamware in this picture? And no, it’s not a trick question. If you guessed the cream-colored sherd in the middle, you are correct. When you know what you are looking for, differentiating between creamware, pearlware, and whiteware … Continue reading

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The Prehistory of Minute Man National Historical Park

Minute Man National Historical Park is perhaps best known for its role in the American Revolution. Visitors to this park are greeted by colonial homes, the capture site of Paul Revere, and the site of the famous “shot heard round … Continue reading

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