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Jessica is a Museum Specialist in the Archeology Program at the Northeast Museum Services Center/National Park Service. She majored in history as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at Geneseo, and has a master's degree in historical archeology from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. She is particularly interested in 18th and 19th century American history and material culture.

What’s Behind the Walls? Misfits and Magic in the Museum Collection

It seems that most parks we work with here in the Northeast Region have a few items in their museum collections that were “found under the floorboards during reconstruction,” or “discovered in the wall during rehab work,” or “found behind … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Pete Seeger Advocates for Protection of the Upper Delaware River

While recently cataloging archival records from Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River, NMSC’s Holly came across a fascinating exchange of letters.  The following blog post was written by Holly Hendricks.   What can you discover hidden within park resource management records? … Continue reading

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Hamilton, Hamlet, and Philip II: Maintaining Lifestyle and Legacy at the Schuyler House

“Take Philip Schuyler, the man is loaded!”  So sings Aaron Burr on Broadway in the pop culture phenomenon Hamilton.  The Philip Schuyler referenced in the play is General Philip Schuyler, one of four Major Generals of the Continental Army under George … Continue reading

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“Everything is Lafayette:” A Pearlware Saucer from Saratoga

When it comes to America’s founding fathers, I’ve always been a fan of Benjamin Franklin.  Despite his momentous achievements in early American politics, when I think of Franklin, I think first of fun and colorful history:  He discovered electricity with … Continue reading

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Breathe Deeply: Sponges in Bottles at the Abiel Smith School

We’ve all heard of a message in a bottle, but what about a sponge in a bottle?  When we first came across a couple of them in the archeology collection from the Abiel Smith School site in Boston, we were … Continue reading

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Jump Around! Small Mammals of the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian National Scenic Trail preserves a collection of natural history specimens that were collected by scientists during an Inventory and Monitoring project.  These specimens document the ecosystems present along the Trail and serve as a valuable research tool for scientists.  … Continue reading

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NMSC: Our Best of 2017!

2017 has been quite a year for NMSC!  We visited some amazing sites, worked with awesome park staff, processed some memorable collections, and welcomed a new director, our long-time friend and colleague Giles Parker.  This was a year of great … Continue reading

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The History of Lowell in 10 Objects: Selections from the Museum Collection at Lowell National Historical Park

A few months ago, during NMSC’s second annual March Madness Facebook campaign, over 800 people voted Lowell National Historical Park (LOWE) their favorite national park in the Northeast Region.  EIGHT HUNDRED people!  That’s a lot of love!  We watched as … Continue reading

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Back to Class! Tips from Winterthur’s “Ceramics Up Close” Conference

Sharpen your pencils and put your thinking caps on… we’re going back to class!  Here at NMSC, we try to attend conferences and workshops on a fairly regular basis in order to keep abreast of the latest research and network … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Beautiful: the Beauty Industry in the Archeological Record

“How do I look?”  We’ve all said it.  Despite our knowledge that beauty is skin deep and that it’s what inside that matters, we all take measures to look our best.  Americans today are bombarded with advertisements for whiter teeth, … Continue reading

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