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Jenn is the Archeology Lab Manager at NMSC. She holds a BA in Archeology and American Studies from Boston University and a MA in Museum Studies from San Francisco State University. She has worked in a diverse bunch of collections, ranging from Native American basketry to agricultural history to modern physics archives (and an awful lot in between), but her favorite has always been 19th century material culture.

Collections Management Goofs, or, How To Make a Registrar Quit in 10 Easy Steps

You probably didn’t become a museum professional because you really enjoy filling out forms, or filing, or writing reports, but that is the large part of what most of us spend our time doing. It’s especially true if your job … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Nations: Victorian America and The Japan Craze

Working in the Northeast Region of the United States, the archeology lab staff at NMSC are used to encountering a variety of artifacts types manufactured in Europe, but aside from the omnipresent Chinese Export Porcelain, we rarely encounter artifacts of … Continue reading

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Lights! Camera! Action! Museums in the Movies

Since Night at the Museum premiered in 2006, one of the most common responses I get when I tell people I work in museums is some variation on “Do your exhibits come alive at night?” At the time, I worked … Continue reading

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Sounds of the Season

Usually when we move boxes of archeological collections, we don’t want to hear any noise coming from inside the box. Sound usually means artifacts have been poorly packaged and are bumping into one another, or worse yet, some squeaky creature … Continue reading

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