A Summer with NMSC: Caitlin’s Experience

Over the years, NMSC has been fortunate to have wonderful interns and seasonal employees.  A couple of weeks ago, we said good-bye to our fabulous intern Caitlin Harrison, who we know is destined for great things in the museum field!  Caitlin quickly became part of the NMSC family and got to experience several parks in the Northeast Region through her work on risk assessments with NMSC curator Teri DeYoung and museum specialist Jenn McCann.  In this post, Caitlin reflects on her time here.  Thank you, Caitlin, and good luck!

[The following post written by Caitlin Harrison]

Being able to work at the NMSC was, I believe, the best possible thing that could have happened to me this summer. Last spring I was looking for some sort of museum internship in the NPS to fulfill a requirement for my master’s degree. I’ll admit, I was desperate and would’ve taken anything. Want me to vacuum your exhibits? I’m your girl. Does a collection need to be inventoried? I can totally do that! My only prerequisite was that it had to be in a town I had never visited before; Boston fit the bill. Coming into the internship I really knew nothing about the NMSC or the work they do. They have museum in their name, so they must work with collections and they’re some sort of services center. I thought, alright, I can work with that.

Turns out, the NMSC is an important resource to parks unlike any other in the NPS. My internship included conducting risk assessments of park museum facilities and collections. Due to climate change and an increase in unpredictable weather patterns, risk assessments are used as a tool to identify the level of risk for collections in the Northeast region. My supervisors, Jenn and Teri, developed a system to quantitatively evaluate park collection storage facilities based on a questionnaire and site visit. Some parks are better equipped to handle natural disasters or vandalism, others need more assistance. Our risk assessments inform the parks as to where they can make improvements and what steps they can take to better prepare for possible threats to their collections.

Besides gaining experience to add to my resume, I found a home away from home in the streets of Boston.  The history of the city still amazes me and I spent my free time being a tourist up through my very last weekend, and there’s still more I haven’t seen! And don’t get me started on the seafood, it’s everywhere! Yummy Yummy Yummy. Plus I gained the friendship of my coworkers after we bonded over good music, our fondness of Victorian architecture, a love of all things nerdy and, of course, the archeology. The NMSC is filled with dynamic women who are passionate for what they do and filled with innovative ideas for the future of the NPS. I cannot wait to join their ranks as a museum professional in the near future. Thank you, Northeast Museum Services Center, for providing me with the perfect summer experience and introducing me to what it means to be a young museum professional.

NMSC intern Caitlin Harrison on site at Acadia National Park.  (NMSC photo)

NMSC intern Caitlin Harrison on site at Acadia National Park. (NMSC photo)

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One Response to A Summer with NMSC: Caitlin’s Experience

  1. Great story! I started as a college intern 4 years ago for the NPS on Long Island and have remained as a volunteer ever since. It’s a great place to give and learn…

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